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Clear polished Plexiglas that fits directly into the built in slots on your roll bars. No Installation necessary.

100% Money back guarantee $105.00 plus $15.00 shipping any where in the US

How To Drive Your Porsche Boxster 70 mph With The Top-down, Heat-on, and be Comfortable on the Coldest Days.

Too Much Wind?

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How a 71 Year Old Pizza Delivery Man Solves The Problem Of Driving With The Top Down.

Hear the true story now

If your tired of the wind messing up your hair (or hairpiece) then read this:

 71-year-old pizza delivery man Jay Senoff put his wife quiet once and for all by designing a new windscreen for the Porsche Boxster Windscreen 2013 2014.

Jay guarantees his new windscreen to get results. He says, driving now with the top down is a pleasure.

Jay says, "finally you can hear the radio. You can carry a normal conversation without loud talk. You can drive 70 mph with the top down and the heat on and be comfortable on the coldest days."

"You'll Hear Absolutely No Wind Using My Windscreen."

Don't worry if you have ordered other windscreens that don't work or belong on your Porsche Boxster.

You Can Test Drive For 30 Days

After testing your windscreen, if you don't believe the results are short of amazing you get a complete refund.  To order click here