Saturn Sky - Testimonials

"Reasons Why You Should Try Jay's Saturn Sky Windscreen"

Hi Jay

Thanks for a sending my SLK windscreen windblocker so promptly. It really does the job incredibly well. It was easy to instal. I didn't fix it with the screws you provided being a bit timid about drilling into my car instead I used the harness and fixing points for my fabric mesh screen. It is stable and secure with no vibrations. What a joy!. Here in the UK our sunny days aren't always the warmest. I received the screen in February and was delighted to be able to go out on a bright winters day with the roof down protected from the wind. It worked a treat. I couldn't be more delighted. The old mesh screen made the interior dark when the roof was up. Bit claustrophobic. It's so much better inside even with the roof up! Great product. Great service and Great Value.

Thanks. You made my year.


Hi Jay!

I installed the windscreen (very easy) and it works great. I used 4 small washers to secure the screws with also. I felt the screw heads were on the small size and I wanted to secure this perfectly.

Great product!

Great price!

Better than the Saturn version for sure...

Another happy customer...


Steve D'


I got the windscreen a short time ago.. It took about 7 minutes to attach. I can't tell you how pleased I am! It looks great, and it cuts wind down about 80%. Here in Canada, you've just extended my driving time for my new Sky Red-line about another month! Thanks for getting it to me so quickly.. I've already told a friend about your product. He should be contacting you shortly... Thanks again.. Les K

Dear Jay,

I Just got my windscreen and LOVE it! It was on in less than 5 minutes. Looks great and works great! I will recommend you to anyone needing a windscreen for their convertible!

D Jones

Jeffersonville, IN

Jay, Just wanted to let you know that I installed the windscreen per your instructions and it works great!

Thanks for your help and being available by phone to deal with my fit concerns on my early production Solstice.

You were correct on all problem what so ever --just needed a GOOD quality Philips head screw driver to do the job. It looks super.

I can whole heartedly recommend your product!

Bill Daws

Super customer service!

The first windscreen arrived just three days after my purchase, but was too thick to fit my particular Solstice. I emailed Jay and the same afternoon he responded that he would ship me a thinner one. It arrived two days latter and it fits like a glove!! I installed it in about 2 minutes. I highly recommend this product and Jay's excellent service.


Ron W. 4/3/2008


Hi Jay.......

Just letting you know I got it, installed it, and fell in love with it in under 5 minutes! Thank you for the great product, great price and prompt service!


Thanks, Jay!

Despite it not working out, it was still a pleasure doing business with you, and I will still steer (bad pun!) people with other makes of convertibles to your site, because it obviously works for a fair number of people, judging by the testimonials.
You are an honest businessman, and I believe in rewarding that. In fact, it's too bad that you can't use *this* as a testimonial! I believe in a person who stands behind his product.

I continue to wish you much success with your business, I will definitely recommend you when I can, and thank you again for your superlative customer service. (Frankly, the fact that it is so stellar is why I will remember you, most positively.)

Very sincerely,
Maureen K. 10/15/07

I have received and installed the windscreen on my Sky. Took me a couple of weeks to get to it as I was out of town and I had the car in for service. Anyway, got it on and had a chance to run it around a little on the interstate and I'm very impressed with the performance in terms of noise and wind reduction



Hi Jay,

I received my windscreen in great shape, looks good, thank you very much !

I'm now waiting to get the car from the dealer :P Have a nice day




I just picked up my new Sky on June 12th and installed Jay's windscreen in the delivery module at the Saturn Dealership.

Very very easy .. just unloosened the 4 screws, sliped in the windscreen and then gently hand tightened the screws, closed the clam shell. That's it!

I drove it home over 2 days and put 1200 miles to get home of which 800 of it was with the top down. The windscreen was amazing! With the top down, the moonsoon stereo sounded just like I had the top up, and I even was on my cell phone and things sounded clear as a bell to me and the person on the other end. It made a huge difference!

Trunk was just slightly harder to close than before the install, but nothing to get all worked up over...

It is a fantastic piece of equipement that does what it said, installed like it said and makes the car...

I would highly recommend it to anyone ...

Great job Jay!


Dear Jay:

I installed your product on my new Sky this weekend, and I wanted to tell you that my wife and I are very pleased. The installation was as easy as you claim. We immediately noticed an improvement with wind and noise.

Thank you for personally answering my call and for a fairly priced quality product.

J.P., NJ




This is a follow up to our conversation this afternoon regarding the Sky Windscreen I purchased from you. It was good talking to you.

As I indicated, the screen had a quarter size dimple in the upper center. Otherwise, the screen is working out great and it looks awesome! It certainly looks a heck of a lot better than the factory screen and at a much lower cost. It is a bargain!

I really appreciate that you are going to replace the screen. What fantastic customer service! I will certainly recommend you to others. You have a very satisfied customer! Please let me know if you have other products that I might be interested in for my sky.

Thanks again.

Jack McDowell


just thought I'd let you know, I have decided to keep the Windscreen. Did some driving without it this past weekend and realized the difference it makes. Thanks for agreeing to take it back. I'll just have to decide whether to keep it in when the top is up or take it out.

Paul Menges



I didn't expect a personal email from you acknowledging my order. So many companies, large and small, are so impersonal. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate that personal touch and the acknowledgement of being more than just a credit card number. Next week, for shipping, is not a problem as I, like many others, am still waiting on my Sky.

Thank You,


Hi Jay,

As you promised, the windscreen was installed in about 7 minutes. It dramatically cuts the wind on the back of the neck which is great. A nice surprise is that we were not charged any customs duties by Canada Customs. Your communication was great and we would be happy to recommend you.
Lisa Coburn November 14th 2007




I just received the windscreen for my Saturn Sky, and what a dream it is....looks excellent and installed easy, and I'm a woman, so you know it was simple. I ordered the etched lettering (Saturn Sky) and my Son put that on facing the back, and it looks so classy. Thanks for everything. I love it almost as much as my new car.

Maggie Martino


I'm just back from my1st road trip...jay rushed my screen (((( thankyuh babyyyy)))). had it on time for trip ..and it went on simple ..( girl install l!!) looks great..did / does what its supposed to and i love it...1000 miles with top down hahaha a lot at 80+ goes up with it -- no problem... just can't find the spot on site to brag on him !!! sweet guy / great product !! doesn't seem to have the rubbing top problem the "other" windscreen on site were talking about.. put me on your Saturn Sky mailing list if you have any other products..... HAPPY HAPPY..sunburned ..satisfied customer.. thanks again sugar bump !!!

aka zzzybil


My wife bought your product for me for my birthday. I am a firefighter. When I pulled my brand new Saturn Sky into the apparatus bay, to install the windscreen, all the guys looked at me like I was crazy for altering the car. The whole installation took about 5 minutes. The car looks great with it on. I heard my stereo, almost for the first time this morning, as I drove on the highway. Thank you for a great product that is crafted expertly. It looks like glass and you can see through it without any distortion. It doesn't interfere with the top at all! I love my Saturn Sky and I love your product.

Boynton Beach, Florida

Received my windscreen Saturday, installed it Sunday and Monday drove all day with the top down.
Easy to install, simplistic in its design but extremely effective buffer to wind turbulence, works great.
Fits well even with the top up. Looks factory with the top down.
Thank you for a great product.
Pat Borden





For even a guy with two left thumbs, installing your windscreen was, and this is difficult for a guy with two left thumbs, installing your windscreen was a snap. Not only did it get here on time, but I received my windscreen many days earlier than expected. It not only works, but looks great also. Jay, thanks for great service, and an even greater product.

Yours truly,
Mark Lichterman



Thanks for creating such a great windscreen. What a difference your screen made!! With the screen in place I can now hear my great sound system with out blowing my speakers. The other great thing is I do not have to listen to my wife complain about her hair getting messed up because she refuses to wear a hat. This doubled the value of your screen. Last but not least I really like the fact that I do not need to take it on and off like some of the others I have seen. Please let me know if you ever need a reference.

Thanks again Mick

Hi Jay,

Wayne here, Tampa, Fl. Hope you had a Merry Christmas.
Wishing you a Happy New Year and a healed back one.

Just wanted to let you know that we have been road testing the windscreen you sent us for about 2 weeks now.
All I can say is "perfect'!!! Very functional and it looks like it came with the car. Very OEM!!!

Thanks for building those for us. I have enjoyed our conversations as well. I'm sorry I couldn't find out more info. for you concerning the spine institute. I'm sure it's good.

Happy and prosperous new year to you and yours.

Wayne C. Spreadbury
Tampa, Fl.