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A Very Generous Guarantee To Protect You Against Any Possibility Of Wasting Your Money Or Your Time

Guarantee: I will give you a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL. You can install, enjoy, and use your T-Bird windscreen for up to 30 FULL DAYS without obligation. Anytime within those 30 days you choose to return the windscreen, you will get a FULL refund. If you will write me a letter explaining why you are unhappy, I will even pay you an extra $25.00 for your trouble.

The word "Guaranteed" is added to everything now a days, but such vague guarantees offer you no protection. My guarantee is in writing, and is legal and binding. I sign it and stand in back of it; and if my Crossfire windscreen fails , you get every dime back.. When you buy your windscreen, I'll give you a certificate, signed by me, and reading exactly as follows:

Date of sale: _______________

Mr. ______________________has on this day paid for a Jay Senoff Saturn Sky windscreen. It is agreed that the purchaser may return the Sky windscreento me , within thirty days from date of receiving the windscreen.

With this certificate properly signed , I will return the all monies paid as cheerfully as I took it. ______________

Signed by Jay Senoff

500 East Main Apt. 306
Blueridge, Ga 30513
404 693 4917 or 404-877-1706

My Saturn Sky windscreen requires a fair test. A month’s test will prove what my Sky windscreen can do for you. If not, then return it to me and I will return all your money.

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Saturn Sky Windscreen

Where are we shipping?

To pay by check or money order make payable to:

Jay Senoff
500 East Main Apt. 306
Blueridge, Ga 30513
404 693 4917 or 404-877-1706