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"Reasons Why You Should Try Jay's Porsche Boxster Windscreen"

Date: October, 14 2014

Dear Jay,

After living with this new windblocker for 2 weeks now, my wife has said it all "brilliant item, looks great, and it really makes a difference, how come Porsche don't offer this?", so just a very short note to say thank you for your support, prompt shipping and a excellent product.



From: David Folino

Date: September 14, 2010

Subject: Re-order

Jay – I ordered, received and have installed my Porsche Boxster Complete Windscreen on my 2004 within the last month….the other day I pushed/forced the plexiglas down with my thumb around one of the screws and have caused a crack in the windscreen so I’d like to order a replacement – don’t suppose you have a repeat customer discount?

Even if you don’t I want to get a replacement ordered so please let me know so I can get that going….thanks for a great product…DF


Dear Jay,

There were a couple of things that attributed to me purchasing your windscreen over the other numerous company's out there. I had done quite a bit of research and had been looking for about a month or so for one, and quite a few companies received pretty positive feedback; however only 2 companies received good feedback when it came to integrity and customer service, and you were one of them. I actually took the time to read 90% of your website and read quite a few good things about you on the Porsche Boxster forums. These days, integrity plays an extremely large part on where and with whom I will spend my money, and the reviews made me confident that I was making the right choice, and the price and the guarantee doesn't hurt at all.

Thanks for keeping me up to date on the shipping!




I Like the windscreen on my '99 Boster. Just drove 6K miles with it and it makes a substantial difference. My Boxter was bought used and did not have the screens in the rollbars so we were getting a lot of backdraft into the passenger compartment.

I made no adjustments during the whole 6k-mile trip - a substantial portion of which was at Interstate speeds with the top down. It doesn't look tacky and a couple of people that looked at it thought it was a neat idea.

Kind regards

Dan MacLemore


The price is only $135.00 for the pair plus $20 shipping to Anywhere in the US and $37.50 shipping in Canada. Order now