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May 5th 2011

I received the windscreen I purchased from on the 3rd day after you sent it out.

It actually took longer to remove the packaging then it took to screw it into place. I've had it installed for a couple of weeks, now and I am really enjoying it.

t is at least as efficient as the net mesh screen provided by Mercedes, with the added bonus that I can actually use my rear view mirror.

The only shortcoming is that washing the rear window of the car requires that I partially raise the roof, so I must wash that rear window from time-to-time myself.

Tom Resburg

Oct, 10, 2002

Wow Jay,

I received the windscreen for my SLK 230 in what appeared to be record time! Thanks for the quick response.

I installed it (it requires a star wrench, similar to an alan wrench, vice a Phillips head screw driver) in minutes (it took longer to unpack and take off the protective film and tape than install). I did use the self-taping screws on the edges, since it appeared we'd get some vibration if I didn't. I'll take the car out on the freeway today and let you know what I think...if the Plexiglas is more efficient than the black mesh original equipment windscreen (it certainly is more transparent and easier to see via the rear view mirror).


May 16 2009

Jay, I just installed the windscreen on the SLK today. As you said it installed in minutes including the 2 self taping screws. Sure makes a difference!

Thanks for a great product and service,


July 17, 2008

Received the Mercedes 230 slk windscreen yesterday. Installed in about ten minutes. Look great and sure does the job. Thanks again. David


Hi Jay,

the screen arrived today! What service. I was able to install it without much trouble, but a very tight fit with the 2 screws. It makes a big difference, my wife thanks you. Thanks for the prompt attention, Jim Hardin


Hi Jay,

As you promised, the windscreen was installed in about 7 minutes. It dramatically cuts the wind on the back of the neck which is great. A nice surprise is that we were not charged any customs duties by Canada Customs. Your communication was great and we would be happy to recommend you.
Lisa Coburn November 14th 2007



Just want to thank you for a great product and service. Its great to purchase a product that lives up to the testimonials and installs as easily as stated. Besides it looks good on the car and I like not having to remove it when the top is up.

Thanks again for a great product at a great price.






Hello folks! I bought a windscreen about 6 weeks ago. What I can tell you is that I'm very pleased. It was easy to attach, there is no vibration and it works well. I would recommend purchasing from this seller anytime. You will not be disappointed. H


Just wanted to let you know I receive the windscreen yesterday and it is absolutely wonderful. No more messed up hair while driving. I will have the top down more often.

Vickie Daniel




I just received the windscreen for my Mercedes 230 SLK, and what a dream it is....looks excellent and installed easy, and I'm a woman, so you know it was simple. I ordered the etched lettering (Mercedes 230 SLK) and my Son put that on facing the back, and it looks so classy. Thanks for everything. I love it almost as much as my new car.

Maggie Martino

Received my windscreen Saturday, installed it Sunday and Monday drove all day with the top down.
Easy to install, simplistic in its design but extremely effective buffer to wind turbulence, works great.
Fits well even with the top up. Looks factory with the top down.
Thank you for a great product.
Pat Borden



Guarantee: I will give you a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL. You can install, enjoy, and use your Mercedes windscreen for up to 30 FULL DAYS without obligation. Anytime within those 30 days you choose to return the windscreen, you will get a FULL refund. If you will write me a letter explaining why you are unhappy, I will even pay you an extra $25.00 for your trouble.

The word "Guaranteed" is added to everything now a days, but such vague guarantees offer you no protection. My guarantee is in writing, and is legal and binding. I sign it and stand in back of it; and if my Mercedes SLK, windscreen fails , you get every dime back.. When you buy your windscreen, I'll give you a certificate, signed by me, and reading exactly as follows:

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