Mercedes SLK 171, 280, 300, 350, 55 - Installation


Insert the windscreen like shown above.

Use the two self tapping screws with the black snap covers on both ends of the windscreen and your windscreen is secure.

I have furnished two 1x2 pieces of foam rubber to place at the very top of the roll bar to stop any vibration.



Guarantee: I will give you a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL. You can install, enjoy, and use your Mercedes windscreen for up to 30 FULL DAYS without obligation. Anytime within those 30 days you choose to return the windscreen, you will get a FULL refund. If you will write me a letter explaining why you are unhappy, I will even pay you an extra $25.00 for your trouble.

The word "Guaranteed" is added to everything now a days, but such vague guarantees offer you no protection. My guarantee is in writing, and is legal and binding. I sign it and stand in back of it; and if my Mercedes SLK, 171, 280, 300, 350, 55 windscreen fails , you get every dime back.. When you buy your windscreen, I'll give you a certificate, signed by me, and reading exactly as follows:

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