Mercedes 230 SLK - Installation

How To Install Your New Mercedes 230 SLK Windscreen

Installing your Mercedes 230 SLK Windscreen

It will take just seconds to loosen the two screws holding your umbrella holders.

Slip the windscreen cut-outs over the loosened screws and slide the windscreen slots down over the screw.
Retighten and your windscreen is installed.

The Velcro on the ends of the windscreens is to stop any vibration you may have at very high speeds.


Insert the windscreen like shown above.

Use the two self tapping screws with the black snap covers on both ends of the windscreen and your windscreen is secure.

I have furnished two 1x2 pieces of foam rubber to place at the very top of the roll bar to stop any vibration.

Loosen the “Star type screws like shown below

Slide slots on windscreen over Star type screw and re-tighten

Your windscreen should now look like this

Please only clean your windscreen with a damp cloth and with water or windex. Never use paper towels on the Plexiglass as it will leave scratches.

It would be best to lower the back rest on the passenger seat to just touch the windscreen enough to stop any movement. Too much and you can distort the screen.

I also added a screw hole at each bottom end and two self tapping screws to stop any vibration.