Mercedes SLK  2012-2013 ,172, 320, 350 - Installation

Mounting your 2012/13 Mercedes SLK Windscreen


1.   Using the alcohol swab, wipe the side of the roll bar well to remove and oily residue (from Amorall, etc). Wipe out the deck area where the bottom u-channel pieces will be installed as well.

2.   The side u-channels are to be installed as shown on the roll hoops as shown in picture below.

3. Before attaching a side u-channel, please making sure the orientation is correct.  Note that each u-channel piece is to be affixed to the inside of the roll hoop along a vertical line as shown in picture.

We use a clear industrial high bound tape for installation.

Each u-channel piece is to be attached exactly one (1) inch from the bottom of the deck as shown in picture.

4.   Peel off the protective red tape from the u-channel, carefully align it along the vertical line on roll hoop, and press to stick the u-channel to it.

5.   After you attach each sidepiece, press hard on it and hold for a few minutes to ensure adhesion.

Slide the windscreen into the side brackets you just installed. (A little Vaseline rubbed on the edges may help). Slide it all the way TO the deck. Press down to set the screen.

6.   You’re done.  You should wait at least 24 hours before driving top down with your new windscreen.

    The bonding strength of the high bond adhesive is

20 min      50%

60 min      75%

24 hrs       90%

3 days    100%

Your completed windscreen should look like this

If you need to remove your windscreen, slide the Plexiglas screen upward, wiggle the mounting brackets side to side to break the bond and remove.


Guarantee: I will give you a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL. You can install, enjoy, and use your Mercedes windscreen for up to 30 FULL DAYS without obligation. Anytime within those 30 days you choose to return the windscreen, you will get a FULL refund. If you will write me a letter explaining why you are unhappy, I will even pay you an extra $25.00 for your trouble.

The word "Guaranteed" is added to everything now a days, but such vague guarantees offer you no protection. My guarantee is in writing, and is legal and binding. I sign it and stand in back of it; and if my Mercedes SLK  2012-2013 ,172, 320, 350 fails , you get every dime back.. When you buy your windscreen, I'll give you a certificate, signed by me, and reading exactly as follows:

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